Reviews: Asimov's Science Fiction

Shorts Review: Asimov’s Science Fiction July/August Issue

I loved this issue of Asimov’s Science Fiction. We’ve got eleven different worlds, ranging from alternate realities to wild dimensions inhabited by space whales. There are characters to love and characters who will annoy the crap out of you. It’s great! Click the links below to read my reviews of each piece. Get the issue here.


  • Starship Mountain: a sleuth story set in an old-school world complete with swordplay, alien races and deep secrets


  • Ephemera: a lone robot guarding the treasures of humanity, awaiting first contact
  • Lieutenant Tightass: a rescue crew sets out into an alternate space dimension to retrieve a lost ship
  • Unter: a man navigates life working for an alternate reality service, lending his body to those wanting to live vicariously through it
  • True Jing: a wild journey into an alternate dimension complete with space whales
  • The Backward Lens of Compromise: an ode to science education through an examination of past astrologers alongside a woman’s strange power to bring the past to the future
  • Liberating Alaska: a war story in an alternate history as Americans attempt to wrest control of Alaska from the Soviet Union
  • Straconia: a man tries to get home from a mysterious town with strange rules


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