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Shorts: The Queen of the Peri Takes Her Time

The Queen of the Peri Takes Her Time brings the magic of One Thousand and One Nights to modern day, weaving a tale of intrigue, seduction and betrayal. I love the casualness of the setting and the lack of surprise at such beings in the world. It takes the magic beyond the fairy tale level, creating a relatable tall tale for modern times.


Corey Flintoff
The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction, July/August 2018



I’m all about adapting fairy tales to modern life, and Flintoff does a great job of moderating immortals and djinns within these regular men’s lives. There’s the sense of wonder at the existence of these mystical beings, the sense of fear at their abilities to control the lives of men, the sense of urgency as he tries to figure out how to save his own life. Overall, it’s a well-done modern telling of an out-of-this-world tale.


You’ve got the immortal woman who comes to the world every now and then to ensnare a man, forcing him into a promise she knows he’ll break, eventually making him pay for his betrayal. Playing with people’s lives seems like a game to her, and she does what she wants because she’s not of this world and is limited by the constraints of time. The djinn is a great character, just a normal guy who jumps out of a well and has dinner with them to discuss a solution to this man’s problem. It’s a great use of mythical beings in a modern setting.


The tale takes place in and around modern day Abu Dhabi. Setting it in modern day somehow makes it a more believable tale, taking away some of the magic and allowing the reader to believe such things are possible.


Mythical Beings, Mythology, Immortality, Fantasy, Djinn, One Thousand and One Nights

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