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Nevertheless (Short Review)

Nevertheless is an underdog story at its best, showing a misjudged woman overcoming obstacles to succeed. It’s a day-in-the-life of a spaceship that quickly becomes a struggle to survive. Rubio has written an admirable character who shines bright.


Elizabeth Rubio
Analog Science Fact & Fiction, September/October 2018 Issue


Nevertheless shows the inner workings of a spaceship, the mundane jobs never covered in most science fiction. Overall, it follows a pretty typical system malfunction that’s resolved by the end of the story. Persephone, the main character, makes the story shine. She’s well-developed, with an admirable sense of perseverance even as the others look down on her and judge her. I love a good underdog story, and this one gives the main character the happiness she deserves.


Persephone is a member of Housekeeping, placed into that position after being ridiculed out of other positions due to her weight. She has so much drive and ambition, mixed with a curiosity about space, yet she’s held back because her crewmates think she’s too big to complete difficult work. It doesn’t get in the way of her dreaming and it pays off when she’s thrust into a precarious situation. In a moment that could have been seen as terrifying, Persephone jumps to action, ignoring fear and anxiety to get the job done. I love how excited she is to finally step into space. It’s that passion that makes the ending that much more satisfying.


Nevertheless takes place on a large spaceship. Not much else is known — I assume they’re on a long voyage as there’s no mention of Earth, but I’m just filling in gaps. It seems to be a pretty ordinary ship.


Space, Space Travel, Future, Spaceship

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