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The Gallian Revolt as Seen from the Sama-Sama Laundrobath (Short Review)

The Gallian Revolt as Seen From Sama-Sama Laundrobath takes us to the sidelines of a revolution, showing what happens in the day-to-day lives of the people in a warring land. The story features a strong main character amidst tightly crafted prose. We feel the fear associated with the changing of the guard, and the relief at surviving for one more day.


Brenda Kalt
The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction, September/October 2018 Issue


The Gallian Revolt is a quick story, following a wily protagonist who helps out a stowaway and almost finds herself in a lot of trouble. It’s unique in that it doesn’t show the drama of space battles, the explosions of spaceships, or the grand conversations by those in power. It’s just a businesswoman trying to get customers and helping a young man along the way. I think of it as a stripped down space opera, reading between the lines. It shows how interesting everyday life can be on a distant planet.


Ter Zamora is a typical working-class woman, running a small business by calling people in off the street. She doesn’t seem to hold loyalty to anyone, but the arrival of a stranger shows her softer side as she harbors him for a bit. Her wellbeing is her top priority, but she also shows allegiance to the stowaway and the people he is fighting for. She’s wily and nosy, and gruff when it suits her. She makes for an interesting character study amidst a grand science fiction revolution.


The story is set in Chemical Town, which seems to be a pretty basic town with businesses, law enforcement, and the typical goings-on. The local police force is corrupt, demanding daily bribes from Ter and weeding out rebels with an iron fist. It seems to be a safe place (as safe as a place at war could be). The people continue going about their day, whether under enemy rule or under the new guard at the end of the story. You always think of everyday people’s lives drastically changing when a revolution ends successfully but, in reality, they just keep moving.


War, Revolution, Working Class

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