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Impossible Male Pregnancy: Click to Read Full Story (Short Review)

Impossible Male Pregnancy: Click to Read Full Story is a bizarre, wild tale following a man trying to cope with a strange situation. The well-done narrative is brilliantly interspersed with clickbait subtitles and article links. Overall, it’s an interesting albeit weird story that turns the impossible into the possible.


Sarina Dorie
The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction, September/October 2018 Issue


The story follows the title word-for-word. Men begin getting pregnant in this version of the world due to unexplained growths. The main character goes from denial to acceptance to obsession as the pregnancy advances into something unexpected and somewhat terrifying. Dorie does a great job telling the story in a first-person confessional format, and the clickbait titles are a great addition. It plays out as a story from some unbelievable website.


The main character displays a wide range of emotions throughout the pregnancy. He’s trying to cope with carrying out a pregnancy as a man, dealing with the derision from his family and coworkers. He becomes obsessed with the pregnancy, even after it becomes something unexpected, and is willing to risk his life for it. His desperation to have a biological child is a major contributing factor, and he sees this situation as a gift from God. It’s interesting to watch his progression throughout the story. He’s a completely different person by the end.


It’s a nondescript setting that could be the present. Male pregnancy seems to be something that is happening more and more in this version of the world. It’s not fully explained how this phenomenon is becoming widespread, but it is nonetheless.


Speculative, Gender Roles, Pregnancy, Alternate Reality

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