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The Day Time Stood Still (Short Review)

The Day Time Stood Still is a beautiful, heartfelt story of love and loss, featuring one man’s attempts to keep his daughter free from the perils of growing old. He’s afraid of time and is given the gift of time frozen in place. The desperation to stay in a perfect moment jumps off the page and into your head. This is a great story all around.


Shawn Proctor
Galaxy’s Edge, September 2018 Issue


The unravelling of the concept within the story is done brilliantly. The father believes freezing time will solve all of his problems. He can stay in this isolated world with his daughter forever, keeping her safe from aging and an early death that took his wife from him. As the story progresses, the daughter dreams of the future and he’s forced to see that his perfect scenario is her nightmare. His safety comes at the cost of the unique and full life she has ahead of her. There’s so much packed into such a short story. You can feel the longing he has for his wife, the ache he has knowing his daughter won’t grow up with a mother. You can feel the fear he has that she’ll leave him and he’ll have no one. It’s a powerful piece and I’m infinitely impressed at how well the fantasy element was used to invoke these deep learning moments for father and daughter alike.


Fantasy, Time, Death

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