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Time’s Children: A Brilliant Journey Through Time

Time’s Children is a tour-de-force, setting a fascinating tale of magic and intrigue amidst a world filled with dark corners and creatures who are not to be trusted. I loved every part of this book, and applaud the author on creating a compelling story filled with brilliantly rendered scenes, settings and details that made the world come alive. Prepare to be swept away by the tides of this masterful story.

NOTE: I was provided a free copy of this book via NetGalley in exchange for my honest, unbiased review. I only publish reviews of books I enjoy, and this novel meets that criterion.


By D.B. Jackson
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Quick Summary: A young time traveler makes a brave, yet perilous decision that may alter the course of history. The world is a treacherous place and he finds himself in a situation that may keep him from completing his true destiny.

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Time’s Children is everything you want in an epic fantasy series. Magic that defies logic, yet seems to work. War that is never-ending, save for a drastic solution. Fascinating creatures who roam the corners and the seas, beckoning travelers into peril. Above all, a protagonist you get to know, who feels and struggles and strives to do his best to save the world. These were a few of the many things I loved about the novel:


From the start, I was fully drawn into this story. I’m always a tad wary at a book above 500 pages, concerned that it might contain a bunch of filler. Time’s Children is the opposite, with every paragraph sucking you into this fascinating world. There’s so much going on, and the implications of time travel in history makes every moment tense. Horrible things happen, more graphic than I expected, and I appreciated the author’s realism as he portrayed the events. Just when you think our hero is in the clear, danger strikes again, and you constantly have this nagging in the back of your head, wanting to see into the future to find out if he succeeds.


There are more time travel novels and movies than you can shake a stick at, but this one stands out to me. Time travel typically seems like nothing more than the pull of a lever, with no effect on the person making the journey. In Islevale, there’s a very real price to pay, one that can’t be taken back. To travel through time is to go on an important, world-altering mission – nothing more or less could justify the cost. This creates a reverence for the protagonist when you realize the lengths he’s willing to go to for a better future.


This was the true treat. I’m all about creatures and love the creativity authors are able to express in their creations. The novel is filled with demons, as they’re called by people. Whether on land, sea, or air, there are any number of creatures lurking. Most fascinating is their ability to communicate with humans. As with the cost of time travel, there is always a cost associated with a demon, and they’re very tricky in their dealings. The remain at the center of the narrative, providing a great burst of fantasy at any given time.


The brilliance of Time’s Children is basing the story on a young time traveler who is forced to grow up too quickly. He’s placed in many difficult, and at times horrible, situations that are well beyond his years. No matter the strife, he never falters in his mission, intent on improving the future he leaves behind. No matter how much his life is in danger, he risks it every minute doing the right thing by those he has sworn to protect. He’s admirable, courageous and quite worthy of the reader’s attention.


Jackson has a wonderful way with words, filling the novel with rich descriptions of pristine landscapes, sprawling (and at times decaying) cities, and scenes of beauty that bring the world to life. It was exciting to inhabit this world, thanks to the author’s imagination.

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