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Best Science Fiction Book of 2018

Best Science Fiction Novel of 2018

The Calculating Stars

By Mary Robinette Kowal
Published by Tor Books

Spanning the gamut of physics, mathematics and space travel, The Calculating Stars is an alternate history of the space race, as humanity attempts to ensure their survival following a catastrophic global event. With a brilliantly rendered protagonist and a group of dedicated women pilots and mathematicians, this ode to female empowerment is a wonderful read that will leave you feeling inspired.
– Review excerpt from July 30, 2018

Everything about The Calculating Stars was wonderful. Kowal wove a story that combined the passion of a group of powerful, smart, world-conquering women who stood up and demanded they be heard. The science is enthralling and perfectly integrated into the story. The alternate history is fascinating, creating a world that seems different on the surface, but still has many of the underlying societal issues of the 1950s and 60s. I’ll think about this book for years to come — it was that brilliant.

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Honorable Mentions

A literary space opera set in the aftermath of a universal conflict, Embers of War drives the reader toward a startling destination and inspiring finish. Powell has created a cast of outstanding characters whose combined actions examine humanity and our place in the universe.

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Vox is the kind of novel that slams into you, showing you how terrible the world can be. Dalcher’s novel demands to be read. You’ll feel the frustration, anger, and pain of our protagonist, and you’ll be ready to scream along with her.*

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*NOTE: I was provided a free copy of Vox via NetGalley in exchange for my honest, unbiased review. I only publish reviews of books I enjoy, and this novel meets that criterion.

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