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Love in the Time of Immuno-Sharing: Short Review

Love in the Time of Immuno-Sharing by Andy Dudak is a wild ride, traversing a version of the future where plagues are ravaging the world. People have replaced sex with ‘immuno-sharing’ which passes antibodies to various plagues between partners. It’s hard to imagine what this act looks like or how it could be enjoyable, but nonetheless, it’s the fad of the time. 

Dudak’s writing style is full force in-your-face, flying across landscapes and days with ease. We watch our group of characters make their way to the mainland, finding themselves immediately at the center of a massive orgy before it gives way to revolutionaries who want to share in the antibodies. The bodies of the dead are everywhere and it doesn’t seem to faze anyone. It’s as though this overabundance of disease has made people immune to the horrors of death. Plague has become commonplace and they think nothing of it, beyond who and where they can couple with another compatible host. 

Most impressive was Dudak’s ability to fit a full history, society, and conflict into a short story. The pace was rushed and it fit the style of writing well, showing us this no-holds-barred version of the world where everything centers around finding your next source of antibodies. The story is a mind-blowing trip that must be experienced to be believed.

By Andy Dudak
Analog Science Fiction & Fact
Published January/February 2019

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