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Marked: The Mysteries of Reality

Marked explores a fascinating concept: the possibility that endless realities are merely a step away. Our protagonist, Detective Dana Rohan, is an incredibly complicated character, constantly battling with herself and what it means to have the power to affect reality. The writing is strong and compelling, the villains terrifying and sudden. Get ready to travel through the boundaries of reality.

NOTE: I was provided a free copy of this book via NetGalley in exchange for my honest, unbiased review.

A Few of My Favorite Things


Detective Dana Rohan is a complex character you’ll be excited to follow. She has a dark past marked by amnesia and the intense tattoo that spreads across her back. Her abilities are fascinating, to say the least. She lets her powers keep her from meaningful connections with people, clouding her daily life. That conflict creates a deep narrative that works well alongside this examination of reality. We’re not just following a fantasy, we’re taking a journey with a character who deserves to be heard.


The Shadows are absolutely chilling. Imagine a more horrifying version of dementors and you’re there. They got under my skin, just appearing out of nowhere, traveling stealthily and nearly impossible to kill. I’m all for intense villains and these things fit the bill.


I find this aspect to be unique among time travel narratives. Detective Rohan isn’t planning out her time or reality jumps, she’s simply walking into them, trying to guess which way she needs to go. It creates this unhinged feeling throughout the narrative, with danger or mayhem constantly around the corner. She goes from modern day to 1970s to apocalypse in minutes. It makes for a wild ride.


By S. Andrew Swann

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