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The Beast of Nightfall Lodge: The Fun of the Chase

The Beast of Nightfall Lodge is some of the most fun you’ll have this winter. Filled with adventure and danger, murder and mayhem, it’s a wonderful fantasy novel that inches you closer and closer to a monster you grow to fear. I heard great things about Sidor’s first book, Fury From the Tomb, and this second book in the series lives up to that hype. 

It’s the writing style that stands out most to me. The book embodies a great action-adventure-meets-detective tale in the vein of Sherlock Holmes and Indiana Jones. The lead character, an Egyptologist who is delightfully proper and stuffy, finds himself in yet another adventure searching for a monster nobody has lived to tell tales of. The timing is perfect, with details emerging at key points to add further pieces to the puzzle. Beyond a simple search for an epic beast, there are dark forces manifested in foreboding dreams that end up being true and a woman with powers to speak with the dead. It’s all very exciting and gives the book a fun cadence that propels you forward. 

Horror is used to great effect. Tales of the beast are gruesome, with descriptors that paint a horrifying picture. This is a monster I wanted to discover. Expect an adventure that takes you to the mysteries of the wilderness and the dark forces lying in wait to devour mankind.

NOTE: I was provided a free copy of this book via NetGalley in exchange for my honest, unbiased review.

The Beast of
Nightfall Lodge

By S.A. Sidor
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