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Binti: The Night Masquerade: A Beginning at the End

Binti: The Night Masquerade is a lesson in tragedy and heartbreak, ending in a flourish of hopefulness for a peaceful future. Okorafor’s examination of cultural ties is on point, sending Binti deeper into her heritage as she continues to discover who she is. Relationships strengthen, a new identity emerges and in the end, she becomes the person she is meant to be. Prepare for a rollercoaster of emotions as Binti completes her journey to understanding.

The Binti series has become one of those phenomena that has swept the world, taking us to a beautiful future alongside our eponymous protagonist. To celebrate the release of the full trilogy in February, I’ll be reviewing all of the novellas and the new short story included in the collection. It’s a great time to pick them back up and enjoy the world again! 

NOTE: I was provided a free copy of this book via NetGalley in exchange for my honest, unbiased review.

A Few of My Favorite Things


Struggle is the key theme in Binti: The Night Masquerade. We see Binti struggling with her three identities, trying to discover where she fits into each culture and whether she’s actually human anymore. We see her struggling with bullheaded generals, attempting to avoid a war using her courage and her raw power. We see her struggling for her life. It’s a powerful narrative, to search for who you are in the eyes of others, and this final novella in the trilogy brings it home.


Binti’s manipulation of mathematics becomes so much more than treeing in this third volume. Her combination of heritages has turned her into something akin to a goddess, giving her powers that are hard to explain. Everyone around her is in awe of her. She’s singularly unique amidst thousands of worlds, which makes her a true force to be seen and heard. 


Spoilers ahead – you’ve been warned.

I was taken aback by the occurrences in the later third of the book. So much tragedy, begetting hope in the end. Through hard work, many struggles, and even death, she is now a pinnacle of four different cultures. She has the potential to bring worlds together, and it’s breathtaking to see her journey come to an end. There’s so much more to be done with Binti and her universe, and I desperately hope we see many more entries in the Binti series.

Binti: The Complete Trilogy

By Nnedi Okorafor
Release Date: February 5

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