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February New Releases To Be Excited For

We’ll be kicking it into high gear this February with over a dozen new reads for the month! You’ll find a few epic short story collections, some brilliant sequels and even more new worlds to discover. Check out our list of upcoming reviews, and pre-order your favorites!

Notes: Some of the books below were received for free in exchange for an honest, unbiased review. Reviews & Robots has an affiliate relationship with the Amazon Associates program and may be compensated for sales related to the Amazon links enclosed in this article.

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A People’s Future of
the United States

Ed. by Victor LaValle & 
John Joseph Adams
Published by One World

A People’s Future of the United States gives a glimpse of 25 different futures. The extremely talented cast of writers covers the most pressing topics of our day, looking at women’s rights, racism, homophobia, climate change, robot–human relations, and so much more.

Science Fiction – February 5
Received from NetGalley

The Beast of
Nightfall Lodge

By S.A. Sidor
Published by Angry Robot
Fantasy – February 5
Received from NetGalley

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The Very Best of Caitlín R. Kiernan

By Caitlín R. Kiernan
Published by Tachyon Publications
Fantasy – February 7
Received from NetGalley

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The City in the Middle
of the Night

By Charlie Jane Anders 
Published by Tor Books

The City in the Middle of the Night reveals a plethora of conversations about human society and the problems our cultures can’t seem to run away from. Anders paints a vivid picture of the relations of rich vs poor, of the unfairness of a society centered on controlling its citizens, and of the demonization of an entire species who only want to be allies.

Science Fiction – February 12

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The Fleet of Knives

By Gareth L. Powell
Published by Titan Books
Science Fiction – February 19

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Gates of Stone

By Angus MacAllan
Published by Ace
Fantasy – February 19
Received from NetGalley

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The Raven Tower

By Ann Leckie
Published by Orbit Books

I’ve been excited about this one for months. Get ready for some epic fantasy from one of the most important science fiction/fantasy voices of our time.

Fantasy – February 26
Received from NetGalley


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