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Review: Brilliant Art & A Dark Future in ‘Deep Roots Volume 1’

Deep Roots Volume 1 features beautiful artwork and a well-crafted story that seeks to understand the flaws of humanity and our abuse of the world at large. Straddling two worlds, the narrative flits between modern day and a fantasy world filled with creatures we can’t understand, coupled with a destiny that doesn’t include us. It’s an epic story, to be sure, reminiscent of mythology or dark fairy tales. 

Most impressive were the character arcs each primary followed. Time is finicky in the space between worlds and we end up with a mishmash of humans and creatures from different times and places. This is a heavy destiny narrative, and each character has a part to play in fulfilling the new destiny of the world. 

I was completely floored by the art style and execution. The modern panels are well done, evoking a typical modern art style but sticking to a somewhat grungy feel. The panels depicting the alternate plant-based world are truly stunning, filled with intricate details and mystical beings. Intricacy is key when the focus is on a root theme, and the artists have done a superb job inserting those details into every inch of the panels. As the novel progresses, the worlds and characters begin to devolve from something we recognize into something entirely foreign. The art does a wonderful job of balancing grotesque with natural, giving us a strange dichotomy to wrap our heads around. 

Deep Roots Volume 1 is brilliant for the art alone. If you’re looking for a complex narrative intermixed with stunning, intricate artwork, you’ve come to the right place.

NOTE: I was provided a free copy of this book via NetGalley in exchange for my honest, unbiased review.

Deep Roots Volume 1

Written by Dan Watters
Illustrated by Val Rodrigues
Vault Comics

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