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Previewing ‘Chronin Volume 1: The Knife at Your Back’

I loved the preview of Chronin Volume 1: The Knife at Your Back. In my opinion, this is best read without knowing anything beforehand about the plot. You’ll get all of the surprises and more than one audible “what” that way. Otherwise, read on!

There are surprises at every turn as you travel through early Japan alongside a mopey protagonist who doesn’t have many survival skills. Her story starts to unravel quickly as she attempts to live up to the Samurai way, and that’s when the HUGE revelations start happening. Hidden identities, false personas, and time travel are all on the agenda. I didn’t see the twists coming, and that made it all the more interesting. I groaned when the preview ended and I’ll be desperate to get my hands on the full novel come February 19th.

The art style followed a simpler style, focusing on black and white shading and an almost grungy outline within the panels. The full panels are impressive to say the least. Paired with an interesting story filled with twists and turns, it looks to be a great read.

NOTE: I was provided a free copy of this book via NetGalley in exchange for my honest, unbiased review.

Chronin Volume 1: The Knife at Your Back

By Alison Wilgus
Tor Books

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