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Timo the Adventurer: A Quest for Knowledge

Book one of Timo the Adventurer features a story of bravery and friendship, told through a modern, exaggerative art style. It’s a great story for kids, with beautiful artwork and a quick narrative flow. 

The joy of the book lies in Timo’s quest for knowledge and his willingness to brave the world in order to expand his knowledge. He’s compelled to adventure when his parents are no longer able to find him any new books. He exudes confidence every step of the way, no matter how scary or different his surroundings are. We’re reminded that he’s just a kid as he makes bad decisions and almost gets himself killed. The story cuts off at the end to prepare for Book two, and it promises to be a volume filled with chase and excitement.

Using journal entries to show the boy’s perceptions of the world was a great move as well. We see how naive he is about his surroundings and the simplistic descriptions he has of these somewhat dangerous animals he comes across. He almost dies multiple times, but he thinks of it as a thrilling adventure, and of himself as a knight. 

The art style is an interesting combination of modern art strokes with exaggerated shapes and expressions. It’s simple and extremely complex at the same time. The animals are drawn in a unique fashion, with minimal facial features and large, exaggerated bodies. There’s danger around every corner by the end, but the art style keeps the wonder of the young boy alive.

This would be a great introduction to fantasy worlds for a young kid who has a lot of imagination. It’s a fun time to be had, for sure.

NOTE: I was provided a free copy of this book via NetGalley in exchange for my honest, unbiased review.

Timo The Adventurer: Book 1

Written by Jonathan Garnier 
Art by Sacré Yohan
Europe Comics

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