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‘Your Favorite Band Cannot Save You’ Is the Strangest Thing You’ll Read All Year

Your Favorite Band Cannot Save You is one of the tripiest things you’ll ever read. It’s a strange story from start to finish, following a music blogger as he discovers a band that blows his mind on the first listen. The beginning is innocent enough as it details this man’s music blog and his obsession with each note. More tracks begin to be released and eventually he gets invited by the lead musician for an interview. And it’s here that the narrative goes absolutely bat-shit crazy. You’ll be laughing and saying ‘what the hell is going on’ until the very end and even then, on the final page, you’ll be baffled by the pure originality pumped into this short novella.

It’s hard to keep talking about this without a few spoilers, so stop if you want a complete surprise. It’s a quick read, so pick up a copy and discover the madness for yourself! Otherwise, carry on.

I found myself completely impressed by the strangeness displayed by the author. There’s a large set of interests here, all of them delved into to create this weird world. Chief on the list is music theory, occultism, inter-dimensional travel, and time travel, to name a few. The music takes people over, quite literally, inspiring them to do any manner of crazy things. It’s an apocalyptic end of the world and somehow it even involves large, tentacled beings scrambling around through portals that close up and leave chopped tentacles lying around. 

There’s really just no way to get around it — Your Favorite Band Cannot Save You needs to be read to experience the madness. Your mind won’t be taken over by a time traveling super musician, but you will laugh a bit and gasp a bit and generally wonder how someone could have imagined a world so strange.

Your Favorite Band Cannot Save You

By Scotto Moore

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