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‘Betrothed Volume 1: Love or Die’ Review: The Fate of Two Worlds:

Betrothed Volume 1: Love or Die is an epic coming-of-age story that finds two teens bound to each other through a magically enforced betrothal. It’s a pretty wild concept and the action starts on page one. The volume is filled with epic fight scenes, all important as the fate of multiple worlds rests in their hands. 

From the beginning, it’s painted as a Romeo and Juliet story, as ill-fated lovers who feel bound to each other by a greater force. In this instance, they have a love-hate relationship until the end, which adds an interesting aspect to the series. We see them forced to grow up against their will and, after a number of precarious battles, they discover that being together is the only way they’ll survive. 

The two worlds concept makes for a smart tie between the fantasy and science fiction genres. On one hand, you have a race of people with magical abilities whose fighting styles and weapon choices are in the line of old-school barbarians. On the other hand, you have a race of scientists who have mastered technology and harnessed the power of quartz to create epic laser-based weapons. They balance each other out which results in a never-ending war. Every situation is high stakes and set on a grandiose scale, giving the story an overall epicness.

The art style is filled with explosive fighting panels and magic-filled sequences. It’s an especially bloody at times, which lends itself well to the overarching theme of war and the fight to survive. 

Overall, Betrothed promises to be an epic series with love and the struggles of growing into adulthood at its center. 

NOTE: I was provided a free copy of this book via NetGalley in exchange for my honest, unbiased review.

Betrothed Volume 1: Love or Die

Written by Sean Lewis
Art by Steve Uy
Aftershock Comics

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