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‘Infinite Detail’ Review: What Happens When the Data Runs Out

Infinite Detail is a reminder of what it means to be human without the distractions of technology or the constant advertisements swirling around our lives at any given time. It’s a before and after tale, detailing the lives of multiple characters who want to see the end of a hyper-surveillance world, but don’t understand the consequences. Written with a technical know-how and a keen eye for what’s important in the greater scheme of things, Infinite Detail is a must-read for those who wonder what our connected world would be like if the signals blacked out.


Infinite Detail is a character piece at heart, diving into the before and after of this major event. We see activists lit up with excitement at the prospect of a technology-free world, followed by their realizations at the mayhem caused by a total collapse of every system. We see a man deeply in love who becomes stranded on another continent, desperate to return to the man he loves. We see characters who were once idealists drawn to an underworld of crime and black market dealings. People’s true colors emerge after a crisis and these stark differences say a lot about human character and how people deal with trauma. 


The overarching theme is a warning for the direction our society is currently headed. We see every government, every company, every institution putting all of their eggs into this one completely connected technology basket. There is no backup of the communication networks, knowledge, or government structures, resulting in the creation of a police state or the total abandonment of a governmental hierarchy. There didn’t need to be a worldwide war to create an apocalypse scenario. All it took was a single action by a single group to bring down everything. That’s terrifying and makes you wonder what you’d do it everything just stopped working. Would you feel free? Or would you feel trapped in your own little corner of the world?

Overall, Infinite Detail is a well-done portrayal of a world in crisis. It’s an examination of society at large, of its effects on the general populace, and of what our world could become if we forget what it is to be human beyond our capitalist world. 

NOTE: I was provided a free copy of this book via NetGalley in exchange for my honest, unbiased review.

Infinite Detail

By Tim Maughan
MCD x FSG Originals

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