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‘Superman Volume 1: The Unity Saga: Phantom Earth’ Review: A World-Saving Epic

As a quick disclaimer, I’m not reviewing this based on story continuity as I’m new to the realm of comic books and can’t talk accurately about that. I’m purely assessing the story and the art style.

Superman Volume 1: The Unity Saga: Phantom Earth is a new series for our favorite out-of-this-world crimefighter, filled with epic fight scenes and monsters straight out of Kryptonian nightmares. There’s also a large cast of supporting DC characters which made for an exciting read.

There were many facets of the story, from life lessons to good versus evil to saving the planet from doom. I was surprised at how well the story flowed, given the many plot directions and the back and forth between past and present day amidst the explosive action. I haven’t read the previous Superman series and had no trouble following the action throughout. There were a number of villains, to be sure, but their stories were well described. On a side note, I was surprised at how funny the heroes were with each other. There were a few jokes that took me by surprise and it made for a great break in the action.

I was especially impressed with the art in this series. There are a lot of battle scenes between especially grotesque monsters and the artist filled every inch of the panels with delicately drawn details. It’s the kind of art that requires examination to take in everything hiding in the corners. 

In the end, this was an extremely entertaining volume, one that promises an intriguing new series. We’re sure to see the phantom zone again, and I look forward to seeing our heroes defend Earth against the powers that would destroy it.

NOTE: I was provided a free copy of this book via NetGalley in exchange for my honest, unbiased review.

Superman Volume 1: The Unity Saga: Phantom Earth

Written by Brian Michael Bendis
Art by Ivan Reis
DC Comics

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