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Weekly Yaasss: Pure Chocolate, Titanshade, & More

This was an awesome week! I had the chance to review two books from my favorite publisher AND discovered three new universes. This week, I got to experience a brilliantly dramatic space opera, a super intriguing spy novel set in space, a compelling police drama on a distant planet, and a beautiful fantasy novel filled with magic. Read the reviews, buy the books, and have a stellar weekend!

Pure Chocolate

By Amber Royer
Published by Angry Robot

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Pure Chocolate brings us back to the brilliance of Amber Royer’s Chocoverse, filled with all of the enticing drama, danger, and epicness of a space opera. We’re immediately thrown into the action and it never slows down. Our favorite holo-star finds herself caught up in any number of telenovela-style dramatics, including, but not limited to, a squid riding fiasco, an assassination attempt, the disappearance of a close friend, and the never-ending shadiness of the villainous HGB corporation. Prepare to gasp, laugh, and devour every page of this endlessly entertaining read.

The Bayern Agenda

By Dan Moren
Published by Angry Robot

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The Bayern Agenda is an expertly written combination of science fiction and espionage thriller, filled with well-drawn characters and a story you won’t be able to stop reading. You’ll find all of the intrigue of a cold war spy novel, set amidst a galaxy on the brink of another massive war. Moren deserves high praise for mastering two complex genres simultaneously.


By Dan Stout
Published by DAW

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Titanshade is a brilliantly wound novel that pairs a hard-hitting detective with a slew of murders amidst a shady city. There’s danger and intrigue aplenty, mixed with the intensity of a high caliber police drama. Nobody is who they seem to be and as the murders continue to pile up, the stakes become that much higher. With compelling characters and a fascinating use of magic, Titanshade is a thrilling read for fans of murder mysteries, fantasy novels with modern settings, and science fiction alike. 

The Bird King

By G. Willow Wilson
Published by Grove Press

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The Bird King is an enchanting, beautifully passionate tale of love and perseverance against all odds. With jinns, magic, and last-minute saves aplenty, it’s a thrilling tale of hope in a time when war and zealotry threatens to destroy the world.

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