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‘Kid Noize Volume 1’ Review: Remembering the Dreams of Youth

Kid Noize is a heartfelt look at holding onto your dreams when times get tough. We follow a kid whose life has just been upended. He’s struggling to fit in with his new surroundings and is quickly forgetting the direction his life should be heading in. Alternatively, we have Kid Noize, a courier who is a mix between a monkey and a human. He’s a fascinating character, fueled by 80s nostalgia, a questionable work ethic, and a big heart. 

The story is a pretty interesting concept. People hit troubled times and they forget the direction their life was headed. They take paths they weren’t meant to and end up with lives filled with regret. This alternate reality provides the inspiration to overcome their struggles and return them to the life they were meant for. These missions to the human world are taken very seriously and many are a matter of life or death. It makes you think about your own life and which paths you might have missed along the way. It’s unclear what exactly this alternate world is, but it seems like an awesome place. It’s especially noteworthy that we get a talking dog as a sidekick, completely reminiscent of Frank from Men in Black

I loved the artwork. It’s a more animated style filled with intricate details and 80s nostalgia done right. We get a Back to the Future vibe from the entrance to the human world, in addition to a number of everyday artifacts. There’s a bit of an ominous feel at times and the cliffhanger adds a surprising twist to an otherwise uplifting story.

Kid Noize is a quick story that excites and entertains. Expect adventure, an epic alternate reality, and sarcastic jokes from a grumpy bulldog.

NOTE: I was provided a free copy of this book via NetGalley in exchange for my honest, unbiased review.

Kid Noize Volume 1: The Man with the Monkey Face

Written by Kid Noize and Kid Toussaint
Art by Otocto
Europe Comics

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