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‘Blossoms in Autumn’ Review: Starting Over Near the End

Blossoms in Autumn is a graphic novel about starting over in your sixties. We see a woman who can only see an old witch in the mirror, who feels her age in the looks and comments from friends and strangers. We see a man whose forced retirement leaves him with nothing to do with his time but to contemplate what his life is good for. Paths cross and they fall for each other rather quickly. Their relationship is tender and full of humor. In a way, they become teenagers at the end, leaving their lives behind to start fresh.

Blossoms in Autumn

Story by Zidrou
Art by Aimée de Jongh
Europe Comics

The art is vivid and full of little details. We see how age affects the body, how everything looks different from our younger days. The artist doesn’t shy away from the sex scenes, showing everything in graphic detail. The scenes are intimate and thoughtful. It’s an art style that works well with the material, showing us the complexities of our bodies when we age, and the little details in the worlds we’ve become attached to.

Overall, Blossoms in Autumn is a well-done graphic novel that shows a new couple starting their lives again. There are some unexpected occurrences that may seem far-fetched but altogether it’s a story of new beginnings and a return to youth, no matter how old the world thinks you are.

NOTE: I was provided a free copy of this book via NetGalley in exchange for my honest, unbiased review.

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