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‘The Lady Who Would Not Die’ Short Review

The Lady Who Would Not Die is the sad tale of a woman lost to time who becomes a Grim Reaper of sorts. The story provides an interesting look at immortality and the cost it brings. Hers is a life spent ushering the nearly dead on to the afterlife and, while she does have a lover for many centuries, she continues to feel her lost and alone in the limbo between life and death. It becomes an eternity of remembering the tragedy that brought her to this position and the hope that it will eventually end and she’ll be able to move on from the world.

This is a very complex, layered character. On the one hand, she wants desperately to live, to continue in her role the way she has been for centuries. On the other, she feels guilty for remaining after her children have gone. She wished for death and instead was given eternal life. What started as a torture seems to have morphed into a desired state, and that constant battle in her finally resolves by the end.

There’s also an interesting conversation on death and what it means to die. She has had thousands, if not millions, of short conversations with the dying and we see that contemplation as she does her duty. It leaves you wondering why death is the only state to follow life. Could there be other options waiting for us that we haven’t brought ourselves to imagine? Culturally, we’re very black and white on living and dead, but what if there’s more to it?

The Lady Who Would Not Die will leave you questioning whether you’d truly want to live forever, imagining the price you’d be willing to pay for immortality.

The Lady Who Would Not Die

Written by George Nikolopoulos
Galaxy’s Edge
March 2019

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