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‘The Perfect Assassin’ Review: A Mystery Unfurls At the Desert’s Edge

The Perfect Assassin thrills from page one, presenting a desert world full of mysteries and a family of assassins intent on keeping the balance of a dangerous city. Mystery meets fantasy meets coming-of-age tale, creating a compelling story of one man unsure of his place in this family of trained killers. He’s a complicated character, and that makes him fascinating to follow. He’s terrified of the jaan lurking about the streets but doesn’t hesitate to act in order to save a life. This isn’t just an assassin, going through the motions and providing a few well choreographed attack scenes. This is the story of a man born into a family of assassins who takes care to weigh the price of a life. It’s a fascinating tale that’s hard to put down.

The Perfect Assassin

By K. A. Doore
Tor Books

A lot of expertise is shown in this carefully crafted narrative. It’s a well-done mystery story at its heart, revealing a hidden killer who appears to be intent on releasing jaan, or lost spirits, into the world to wreak havoc in the streets. A lot is at stake for our protagonist as he continues to get further involved in the unfurling events. There are surprises at every turn and an explosive reveal that turns the mystery into something much deeper and unexpected.

The jaan aspect was terrifying to imagine, providing a dark twist to this world. The fear our protagonist has of these spirits leaves an underlying unease as he walks through the streets and runs across the rooftops. Threats pop up out of nowhere, creating a setting where anything is possible.

Overall, The Perfect Assassin features solid storytelling and a compelling protagonist. This is a city filled with dark corners and a shadowed past that has many depths to be discovered. I look forward to following the journey of the reluctant assassin and his journey to do right by the world.

NOTE: I was provided a free copy of this book via NetGalley in exchange for my honest, unbiased review.

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