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‘The Flavors of Sorrow’ Short Review

The Flavors of Sorrow examines the tragedy of a life filled with regrets, and the clarity brought on by sudden reminders of your most important memories. This is a fascinating science fiction tale centered on the magic of food and its ability to return one vividly to past memories. The methods aren’t explained beyond the presentation of multiple small cubes in the middle of varying plates. The flavors melt together to create specific memories for each client through a method I’m sure many would pay to discover. We see the life of this dying man played out in this small restaurant. His was a life of missed opportunities, of forbidden love and failed business ventures. This is his final adventure and at the end, he realizes it’s time to let go of regrets and move forward with his remaining time.

It’s impressive how something as small as an edible cube could create such an emotional environment. Carpenter has created a surprisingly intense tale that examines the deepest memories of the protagonist in vivid color. We see joy and sorrow combined into one experience, resulting in a pieced together life story that’s tragic. The writing is pristine and it’s a brilliant way to explore character depth through the use of a small sci-fi element.

The Flavors of Sorrow

Written by Thomas K. Carpenter
Galaxy’s Edge
January 2019

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