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‘Edges’ Review: A Smart Space Opera in Search of Answers

Edges is an intellectual space opera featuring an epic journey to discover the answers of the lost human race. The writing is pristine, featuring strong characters who quest for the answers to humanity’s potential demise. With the dangers of a past war lurking on the outskirts and technologies that are a marvel to imagine, Edges is a science fiction novel that’s both entertaining and intellectually stimulating.


By Linda Nagata
Mythic Island Press LLC

Nagata dives deep into the many technological marvels of her deep space explorers, going against the boundaries of time and consciousness to explore the known universe. We’re asked to consider the psychology of genetic copies of ourselves, of sending your mind across the universe for a millennia while leaving your body behind. Two versions of yourself exist, creating an interesting paradox. This is highly evolved space exploration that goes beyond generations. The explorer is forever an explorer, existing in a digital space with occasional biological wrappers of sorts. If you could experience anything and everything, forever, would you make that choice? It’s an interesting dilemma.

The premise of the story is fascinating as our explorers try to rediscover the human race. This is a future so far from our own time that humanity has spread to the furthest reaches of the universe. Through a devastating war, communications have disappeared, leaving those on the outskirts to face their telescopes back toward home in the hopes of rediscovering their own kind. That concept of backtracking makes for a fascinating plot.

Overall, Edges is an epic journey through space by a select few and it’s a pleasure to go along for the ride.

NOTE: I was provided a free copy of this book via NetGalley in exchange for my honest, unbiased review.

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