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‘We Are Mayhem’ Review: An Epic Fight to Save the Galaxy

We Are Mayhem is an all-in-one kind of science fiction experience in the best possible way. You’ve got an epic story, filled with an intense history of oppression and a growing will of the people to fight back against the evil powers that be. The story is fueled by a group of fascinating characters, all with their own strengths and demons. Pair it with legendary weapons and surprise twists, and you’ve got yourself a hit.

We Are Mayhem

By Michael Moreci
St. Martin’s Press

I was most intrigued by the two protagonists, Cade and Kira. They’re different in every way, and seeing the story from both perspectives gives it an all-encompassing feel. From Cade, we get the reluctant hero chosen by destiny to become a major part of this galactic war. He’s reluctant to accept the position he’s in and fights against it often. The story sets him on a captivating journey of self discovery. From Kira, we get the dedicated revolutionary trying to unite the people around a common cause. Her past is filled with darkness and she does everything she can to fight against those ties that bind her to the evil overcoming the galaxy.

Moreci is a master of dialogue and speechmaking, providing a number of inspiring and quotable moments throughout. I connected deeply with the characters from the very beginning and was instantly engrossed in their story. The pacing is spot-on, pairing engrossing dialogue with just the right amount of action and plot progression.

Overall, We Are Mayhem is a well-done novel filled with admirable characters and a plot that never stops the thrills and chills. You’ll be desperate to know how it all ends for the Black Star Renegades.

NOTE: I was provided a free copy of this book via NetGalley in exchange for my honest, unbiased review.

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