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‘Ghosts of Gotham’ Review: Fantasy-Mystery At Its Finest

Ghosts of Gotham is a mystery that’s impossible to put down from the first sentence. I was immediately entranced by this book, from the characters with extremely dark backgrounds to the story that is so multilayered you’ll never see the next big reveal coming. It’s a cross-genre gem, to be sure, living up to the magic of a fantasy novel while executing the requirements of a mystery novel expertly. I love a book that I can’t stop thinking about, and this was it.

Ghosts of Gotham

By Craig Schaefer

The main character, Lionel Page, is deeply fascinating. His life’s mission is to debunk frauds who claim to be influenced by the supernatural. He’s good at his job as we see in the first few pages, and it has led him to be skeptical of anything that seems too good to be true. To add to his intrigue, Page has a dark past filled with haunting secrets that are revealed slowly. We get to see this mystery unfold from his doubting eyes, adding even more wonder when the fantasy turns into reality.

I was so impressed with the level of intrigue. It was written in a way that swept me up into the narrative, setting me on edge as I advanced further into the story. I felt the trepidation of the main character as he started looking over his shoulder. I couldn’t stop trying to figure out what was actually going on behind the scenes with his shady benefactor and the mysterious club that’s truly bonkers. You won’t see any of the plot advances coming, and that’s the best part.

Overall, Ghosts of Gotham is a brilliantly written novel featuring a protagonist you want to follow. His skepticism lends an air of belief to this fantasy-driven mystery, leading you to imagine the possibilities of walking in on a reality that should be impossible.

NOTE: I was provided a free copy of this book via NetGalley in exchange for my honest, unbiased review.

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