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‘Myths & Mortals’ Review: A Brilliant Sequel of Epic Proportions

Myths & Mortals is a book I couldn’t put down. It has everything you could want from a sequel and more. We get the continued story that started with the brilliant Smoke & Summons, following Sandis and Rone as they attempt to free the city of the evil summoner Kazen. In this second book, we get so much more. We see Sandis continuing to grow into her powers, to accept her connection with her numina and to strive for its return. We see Rone become the hero he was meant to be as he attempts to make amends for his previous betrayal. The threat of Kolosos continues to haunt the imagination. All of this, combined with a mysterious assassin and a bevy of new characters, makes for a wonderful addition to the series.

There’s a definite action-adventure feel to the book, throwing in more fight scenes and death-defying acts by our newly expanded group of protagonists. Action sprouts up when least expected, keeping you on your toes from start to finish. The mysterious assassin adds an interesting flair of unexpectedness, showing us extreme fighting moves straight out of the best kung-fu movie.

The numina are made very real and we see them in all of their glory. This time, they’re helping Sandis and Rone, making them worthy adversaries to the many enemies lurking in the city. We also begin to see a more positive side to some of these demons. There’s still evil in their realm, to be sure, but seeing Sandis’ growing relationship with Ireth reveals a kind of hierarchy that might not be all bad.

In a way, the feeling of this second book is much different from the first. In Smoke & Summons, there was a deep fear that permeated the pages. We were afraid for Sandis and the man who had enslaved her. At the time, he was the greatest threat. In Myths & Mortals, Kazen seems like a fly compared to the terrors of Kolosos. We continue to learn more about this beast and, as we near the end, a massive reveal shows just how horrifying it truly is.

In the end, Myths & Mortals is a perfect sequel, providing a story that’s just as compelling and breathtaking as its predecessor. The ending is a definite surprise, leaving a desperation for the third book to come out. I’ll definitely be lining up to read this epic conclusion in September.

Myths & Mortals
By Charlie N. Holmberg

NOTE: I was provided a free copy of this book via NetGalley in exchange for my honest, unbiased review.

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