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‘Million Mile Road Trip’ Review: A Journey That Boggles the Mind (In the Best Way)

Million Mile Road Trip is unlike any journey you’ve ever been on. Rucker takes the wheel and slams through barriers into a world that bursts with originality and inventiveness. I’m new to Rucker’s work and this surreal experience makes me want to stop what I’m doing and read everything he’s written in a feverish marathon. It’s invigorating to read something so unhinged from the norm, a feeling that stayed with me long after I left the book.

Rucker’s narrative style is almost beyond description. It starts as a typical conversation between two teenagers, both in love with the other but unable to fully realize that connection. With the snap of a finger, the story makes a screeching u-turn into a zany, hilarious and extremely surreal interaction with two aliens who appear from the sky. Technically, they crawl down a ladder extended from a floating pearl through a portal that was summoned playing a song on a trumpet. But who’s counting? Their ensuing road trip is filled with ups and downs and an endless stream of interactions that will fry your imagination.

The characters are an interesting bunch. The two young teenagers, Zoe and Villy, are both struggling to figure out what their futures could hold. It’s this uncertainty that leads them to blindly accept the offer to take a road trip to this alien world. They’re joined by Villy’s strange brother, Scud, who seems to fit in just fine with the upside down reality they find themselves in. The two aliens are truly out of this world, filling the novel with their hyped-up form of English and their infectious personalities. Throw all of these characters into a souped up station wagon and it’s impossible not to have a good time ripping through the wilds of this alien frontier.

Overall, it’s impossible not to love Million Mile Road Trip. With a wild cast of characters, an alien world that boggles the mind, and extremely spot-on writing, Ruckus has created a masterpiece that must be experienced.

Million Mile Road Trip
By Rudy Rucker
Night Shade

NOTE: I was provided a free copy of this book via NetGalley in exchange for my honest, unbiased review.

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