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‘The Only Living Girl Volume 1’ Review: Science Amidst Chaos

The Only Living Girl Volume 1 follows a young girl who is a brilliant scientist on another world beyond Earth. She’s inquisitive and incredibly smart, using her skills to problem solve in dangerous situations. With such a scientific mind at the forefront, this becomes a teaching piece at times, showing how scientific curiosity typically unfolds from a hypothesis through to the experiment stage. She’s a wonderfully complex character, balancing her commitment to the greater good while nurturing her love of science learned from a parent who was much feared by the general population.

The artist has done a great job creating a large number of alien species, showing us originality on every page. This is an action-packed series and the artist meets the challenge in every panel. The monster-dominated battle scenes near the end are especially admirable, showing an impressive level of detail that’s both beautiful and grotesque.

This alternate world full of alien species, incredible technology, and any number of natural threats makes for a fascinating setting. I’m new to the series but I didn’t feel in over my head when encountering all of these characters and places that have existed for some time. The story starts with the origin of our protagonist and how she came to be in this strange place. It’s clear from the beginning that her father would become some kind of supervillain and that hunch turns out to be correct. If you’re a completionist, you should pick up The Only Living Boy series as well, but it’s not necessary to enjoy everything happening in this first issue of the new series.

The Only Living Girl Volume 1: The Island at the Edge of Infinity
Written by David Gallaher
Art by Steve Ellis

NOTE: I was provided a free copy of this book via NetGalley in exchange for my honest, unbiased review.

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