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‘Dracopedia Field Guide’ Review: The Coolest Dragon Book You’ll Find

I can’t say enough about the Dracopedia Field Guide. This is the kind of fantasy encyclopedia you’ve dreamed of, filled with every kind of dragon you could imagine and every minute detail you’d want to know. I was completely engrossed in the descriptions paired with the beautiful artwork. I’ve never seen a fictional field guide that’s so thorough and well-planned. If you’re a fantasy fan, I guarantee you’ll want a copy of this, if only to let your imagination soar for hours on end.

To start, each dragon is split into a genus with overarching histories, descriptions, and characteristics common to the species. We see the size of their eggs, the length of their wingspan, the various areas of the world they populate. Everything you could want to know is here in full, glorious color. Creating a guidebook to dragons is one thing but this book takes it to the next level.

I’m obsessed with the beautiful artwork on every page. These dragons are drawn so intricately, beautifully displayed at full wingspan and with a head and shoulders closeup. There are so many varieties I would never have imagined if not for the brilliant minds who put this book together. I can’t stress enough how epic this volume really is.

Overall, the Dracopedia Field Guide is something special, an encyclopedia of sorts that tells the story of a fabled world many dream of, where dragons are as common as birds and are spread across the globe in all their glory. It was a joy to read and take in the artwork, and I’ll be returning to this volume often.

Dracopedia Field Guide
By William O’Connor

NOTE: I was provided a free copy of this book via NetGalley in exchange for my honest, unbiased review.

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