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‘Black Badge’ Review: A Darker Type of Merit Badge

Black Badge is an incredibly original series, showing an elite branch of Scouts-turned-spies who influence world events with their honed skills. We see the most elite unit, the Black Badges, as they try to initiate a new member into their troop. The line between good guys and bad guys is pretty vague as far as the team and their actions are concerned.

The missions are pretty straightforward, sending the troop into enemy countries to extract assets or identify targets. The cover story lies in the assumption that Scouts can go anywhere and act like they’re lost when cornered. It’s a hilarious concept that works every time. This is definitely a dark story, showing kids making world-altering decisions for a mostly faceless organization that never gives them all of the information. To a kid, the concept of becoming a super-spy is a dream, and this series takes that to fruition.

I love the somewhat abstract art style. It gives a minimalist feel to the panels, placing the focus on the story and landscapes surrounding the scouts.

Overall, Black Badge is an interesting concept. With fascinating artwork and a band of young operatives that skirt the line between good and bad, it’s sure to be an epic series.

Black Badge: Volume 1
Written by Matt Kindt
Art by Tyler Jenkins
BOOM! Studios

NOTE: I was provided a free copy of this book via NetGalley in exchange for my honest, unbiased review.

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