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‘Quincredible Volume 1’ Review: The Best Kind of Superhero Story

Quincredible is a special kind of superhero narrative that stands above the rest. This isn’t just about cool powers and epic feats of strength. It’s about learning right from wrong and helping to transform society into an ideal that doesn’t always seem possible. We see Quin’s growth, not only as a superhero but as a young man in a community that’s filled with violence and oppression. The rich vs poor mentality of our modern day society has forced so many to survive by their own means and sending everyone to jail doesn’t solve the problem. It’s not just superpowers, it’s activism at the core with the betterment of community in mind. This is a powerful narrative that’s right at home in a comic series. This is what superhero comics should be. Saving the world from otherworldly forces is necessary, but fighting the fight at home is more necessary than ever. If our world isn’t inclusive of everyone, how can we band together against greater enemies?

I love watching the journey of a superhero early in the game. For Quin, his true power isn’t unlocked until he changes the narrative he’s been telling himself. At first, he sees his invincibility as a means of getting bullied relentlessly. Eventually, he comes to realize it’s a way for him to fight back for the innocent. His journey of self discovery is extremely grounded and realistic.

The artwork is phenomenal, paying special attention to detail. The artist is in tune with the struggles of Quin’s home and the poverty affecting his surroundings. We see that in every little detail, from the sagging roofs to the deteriorating streets. That sense of neglect is present and it paints a solid picture of the world Quin decides to not only protect but improve.

Overall, Quincredible is a superb superhero story that touches on what it means to be a hero. The morality of doing good is examined in depth and it serves as an inspiration for characters and readers alike.

Quincredible Volume 1
Story by Rodney Barnes
Art by Selina Espiritu
Published by Roar

NOTE: I was provided a free copy of this book via NetGalley in exchange for my honest, unbiased review.

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