‘Every Breath You Take’ Review

Every Breath You Take features gold-standard research as it lays out a case for what makes up an atmosphere and why that’s important to our every day lives.

It’s an admittedly complicated narrative, filled with equations, charts, and complex explanations of the many elements that combine to make our planet livable. The science is compelling and the overall scope is most fascinating.

My knowledge of our atmosphere is extremely limited, and I assume that’s the norm with most people. We take it for granted but it’s an amazingly complex structure that’s tough as nails and extremely delicate. Broomfield presents everything you need to know in a mostly easy-to-read format, tending toward an academic approach. If you want to understand why pollution makes a huge impact on human and planetary health, this is your guide.

Broomfield’s excitement and vast knowledge of the topic shows through on every page. He’s able to boil complex science down to understandable facts.

It goes beyond the chemical makeup to analyze how we’re changing the world and what that means for our future. It’s a call for us to wake up and pay attention to what we’re doing to the air around us. You’ll leave the book with a wealth of knowledge and a better understanding of the world we call home.

Every Breath You Take: A User’s Guide to the Atmosphere

By Mark Broomfield
Published by Duckworth

NOTE: I was provided a free copy of this book via NetGalley in exchange for my honest, unbiased review.


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