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‘The First Girl Child’ Review: A Truly Epic Tale

The First Girl Child is a multi-faceted fantasy epic featuring dark secrets, ominous prophecies, and multiple powder kegs waiting to explode.

Everyone has something to hide in this warrior world, and those secrets could make or break the kingdom. Featuring engaging writing, strong characters, and a fascinating religion, it’s sure to entertain.


This is one of the most secret-driven books I’ve read in a while, making for a rather tense, enthralling read. Some could undermine the tyrant currently ruling, others could spell the end of days for the kingdom, and one could herald its savior. That kind of narrative is exciting to read as you constantly worry about secrets being spilled to the wrong people. 


I appreciated the focus on Norse mythology and the many retellings of old myths. It’s a central part of most of the book as we see this mysterious boy raised by his uncle amidst a Nordic temple. There’s plenty of magic to go around in the form of runes, adding a hint of magical fantasy will still remaining grounded in religious tradition. It’s a powerful rune that starts off the major dilemma in the empire, and the scene is an especially epic start to the novel. 


Bayr is a Herculean man imbued with the power of the Gods. It’s fascinating to watch him grow, especially as his body advances beyond his actual years. He’s stuck in this kind of limbo as people treat him like a man before he’s ready to become one. Bayr never gets to experience a real childhood, a fact that morphs him into the fierce protector he eventually becomes. As a grown man, his power is almighty, and his many feats of strength and fight scenes are especially powerful. He makes for a very interesting focal point. 


There are so many solid plot advancements throughout the novel, creating an especially epic narrative. From a tragic death to the raising of a monumental hero to the dark secrets of a king who should never have been ruler, we see the many breaking points that hide beneath the facade of a successful kingdom. You’ll find conflict, family loyalty, and mysterious deaths aplenty. 

The First Girl Child
By Amy Harmon
Published by 47North

NOTE: I was provided a free copy of this book via NetGalley in exchange for my honest, unbiased review.

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