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Previewing ‘War Girls’

War Girls is incredibly compelling from the start, revealing a distant future where human cruelty has all but destroyed the environment, leaving behind a wasteland for the remaining population to struggle through. The characters are sharp, the technology is mind blowing, and the stakes are always heightened. 

The author focuses on a powerful group of young women who are fending for themselves amidst a staggering amount of technology. From young girls to young woman, they all work together to survive. The community operates with an empowering mission that goes beyond basic survival to focus on education, physical training, and social connections for young girls. 

The technology is startling to imagine, taking on somewhat of a fantasy feel. I was mesmerized by the usage of nanites and body modification. There are a number of implements that break down barriers to knowledge access, creating a surprisingly wide net as the girls grow their knowledge of the past amidst this small colony.

There’s also a conversation on the Western world abandoning those who couldn’t afford to buy passage off the planet. It’s horrifying and infuriating to imagine, with full continents forced to fend for themselves. The people who destroyed the world were able to leave it, creating this dystopia for those who can’t do anything to prevent it.

With a shocking ending to the third chapter, War Girls promises to be an exciting, thrilling, and possibly heartbreaking story of perseverance by a group of girls and women working together to survive.

War Girls
By Tochi Onyebuchi
Published by Razorbill

NOTE: I was provided a free preview of this book via Bookish in exchange for my honest, unbiased review.

Photo by Patrick Hendry on Unsplash

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