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Short Review: ‘Can You Watch My Stuff’

Can You Watch My Stuff is the kind of hilarious-meets-terrifying short story you desperately want to read. Larson’s writing style makes everything fun, establishing a cranky main character who just wants to write amidst the air conditioning of a local coffee shop. Mundanity becomes insanity as a creature bursts into the world through a laptop he’s supposed to be watching. What follows is a Quentin Tarantino homage, filled with gore and an alien monster straight out of a horror film. Somehow, Larson manages to make all of this tongue in cheek, leaving us with an ending that starts right back at the beginning. It’s entertaining from start to finish, made brilliant by his unique storytelling and the many witty observations about every day life. 

Can You Watch My Stuff
By Rich Larson
Asimov’s Science Fiction
September/October 2019

Photo by Ryan Jvr on Unsplash

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