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Short Review: The Waters of a New World

The Waters of a New World looks at space colonization from a biological perspective, imagining a perfect planet with hidden secrets that spell doom for colonists. The culprit lies in engineered bacteria living within the water supply that destroys anything it touches. We get to see these brilliant women at work, trying desperately to find a solution for this issue with a deadline. A spaceship can only float in space for so long before the systems shut down. Povey presents the dilemma well, showing the high stakes and evolving the conversation to discuss the ethics of colonization, the lost past of mankind, and the dangers of setting out for unknown worlds without a home to go back to. Who knew bacteria could be so riveting?

The Waters of a New World
By Jennifer R. Povey
Analog Science Fiction & Fact
September/October 2019

Photo by Yasuo Takeuchi on Unsplash

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