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Short Review: ‘From So Complex a Beginning’

From So Complex A Beginning is a rollercoaster of a story. What begins as an investigation into alien terraforming on a potential colony planet becomes a full fledged mystery thriller. The protagonist is a somewhat unlikeable, though brilliant, engineer who stumbles upon a breakthrough that blows a conspiracy wide open. Right when we start to trust her suspicions, a wrench is thrown at her credibility and it leaves you second guessing her stability as a reliable narrator. Between following her discoveries, worrying about the possible plot against her life, and imagining a world that shows proof of aliens, the story has plenty to entertain. I’m impressed with how thoroughly Novakova was able to integrate science fiction with mystery in such a short space. The story keeps the thrills of a sci-fi future while injecting a sense of unease found in the best mystery stories. Overall, it’s a well done journey through space and time.

From So Complex a Beginning
By Julia Novakova
Analog Science Fiction and Fact
September/October 2019

Photo by Marc Schulte on Unsplash

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