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Short Review: ‘A Square of Flesh, A Cube of Steel’

A Square of Flesh, A Cube of Steel is a beautiful story about finding your true self amidst the often punishing expectations of the world around you. We follow Felicity, a young trans woman who has spent her life trying to find her correct reflection. She wants to look like the woman she knows she is and finds acceptance from her lover, Eureka, on this distant world. Eureka is a giant sized human, created for the new environment of this world. With her size, the author creates a symbolism that shows this physical manifestation of womanhood to be larger than life, one Felicity doesn’t feel like she can grow into given the restrictions of current day procedures and technology. In the absence of any kind of solution, Felicity runs from a life that will take her back to conformity and a denial of who she really is. By the end, Eureka has found a solution and Felicity finally feels like the woman she is. When she opens her eyes for the first time in her new body, she’s seeing a world she fits into, one where her outward appearance reflects what’s inside. It’s a wonderfully written journey of discovery, filled with soul-searching and an important conversation on being true to yourself and finding others who accept you for you.

A Square of Flesh, A Cube of Steel
By Phoebe Barton
Analog Science Fiction and Fact
September/October 2019

Photo by Alex Lopez on Unsplash

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