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Short Review: ‘I Dreamed You Were A Spaceship’

I Dreamed You Were A Spaceship brims with emotion, detailing a man who imagines an escape for his dying wife. The overarching symbolism imagines a world where his wife’s mind hasn’t succumbed to dementia, where she’s an all powerful spaceship guiding mankind to explore the unknown universe. His dream for her is to have a mind that can fix itself, one that’s refilled with the intricacies of their past which have been wiped clean with the wickedness of old age. He places her in that future as he stares at the stars, realizing its impossibility but holding onto that small alternate reality in the back of his mind. By the end, he admits his wife can never return to the functioning mind of her past but it doesn’t matter. To him, she’ll always be as intricate as a spaceship, as important to him as all of the discoveries she’d make roaming the galaxy. Those final sentences will choke you up as he vows to never leave her side. These are beautiful words and that visual, though it’s only for a quick flash of fiction, paints a beautiful alternative to a world where memories of a life lived together can fade into nothing. 

I Dreamed You Were A Spaceship
By Ron Collins
Analog Science Fiction and Fact
September/October 2019

Photo by Greg Rakozy on Unsplash

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