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’50 Things to See in the Sky’ Review: Way More Than Your Average Guide

50 Things to See in the Sky is a super cool guide to discovering the mysteries of the universe hiding in the night sky. The book goes beyond the constellations we’ve all gazed at for years, expanding to include nebulas, sun spots, and a number of other wonders I’d never have thought to search for. As an adult reader, I realized how much I’ve missed out on when just glancing up every now and then as I move about the world. With a telescope, a little knowledge, and a bit of determination, you can see things that would have blown the minds of the masses a few short centuries ago.

I was most surprised at the in-depth nature of the guide. This isn’t just a list of things in space for you to check off. With each thing, you get a description of what makes it special and a set of instructions and optimal viewing parameters to follow for the best effect. Each entry is different, with some pointing out the various parts of a constellation and others giving the optimal dates to view a comet or the spots on a distant planet. It’s extremely accessible, making it the perfect companion for adult and child stargazers. Some equipment is needed for a few of these hard to see phenomenons, but it’s definitely worth it.

The illustrations add the perfect touch. It’s a great minimalist style that mirrors the distance removed when stargazing. We’re only seeing a minutiae of the details when we look to the sky and the artwork brings that haziness a bit closer while still leaving it up to the imagination to fill in the details.

Overall, 50 Things to See in the Sky is a great read that gave me a renewed appreciation for the  many things just waiting to be seen. It’s a great fit for stargazers who want to expand their knowledge of what lies beyond.

50 Things to See in the Sky
Written by Sarah Barker
Art by Maria Nilsson
Princeton Architectural Press

NOTE: I was provided a free copy of this book via NetGalley in exchange for my honest, unbiased review.

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