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Five Fun Finds: Men’s SFF Ugly Christmas Sweaters

I’m obsessed with Christmas sweaters. It’s a fact everyone knows about me, especially those who have seen the rack in my closet that continues to fill up every year with festive, often 3-D, sweaters. I consider November 1st to be the beginning of Christmas season, and I’m all in on the festivities. As I was looking through this year’s offerings on Amazon, I thought to myself “I wonder how many Sci-Fi or Fantasy sweaters I can find?” The answer: a Christmas TON. I’ve chosen a few of my favorites below and I strongly encourage you to check them out. In my opinion, nothing says “Merry Christmas” like a Unicorn vomiting glittery green “cheer” all over the front of a festive sweater.

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Flying Saucer Men’s Ugly Christmas Sweater (Blizzard Bay)

This baby is glorious. Not only is it covered head to toe in an out-of-this-world pattern, but it’s center features a shimmery flying saucer, complete with streams of colored sequins. If you’re looking for an escape to space or just want to feel the joy of a sequin covered torso, this one’s for you.

Astronaut Shark Flying Through Space Men’s Ugly Christmas Sweater (Blizzard Bay)

This sweater has everything. Far out space pattern covering the entire surface? Check. A shark strapped to a jetpack with only a glass helmet to protect it from the cold vacuum of space? Check. A trail of presents being left in its wake? Check. You’ll be the hit of this year’s ugly sweater party, which for me will be spent in my living room, nodding excitedly in a mirror.

Glittery Unicorn Men’s Ugly Christmas Sweater (Blizzard Bay)

I added this one to my collection this year and couldn’t be happier. The sweater itself is surprisingly comfortable, but the real attration is the enormous glitter covered unicorn that’s either breathing green fire or vomiting green glitter. Either way, it’s a win!

Santa Atop a Space Unicorn Men’s Ugly Christmas Sweater (Tinsey Elves)

This one is for those of you who are equal parts science fiction and fantasy fans. For the sci-fi fan, we’ve got the vast expanse of space, compete with stars and rough planets. For the fantasy fan, we’ve got a unicorn flying majestically through said space. For everyone, we’ve got Santa wielding his mighty sword to deliver presents across the galaxy. Yes, yes, and yes. 

Astronaut Santa Men’s Ugly Christmas Sweater (Ugly Christmas Sweater Company)

This one is for those who want a more official Santa-in-space presentation. Not only do you get a full body Santa, complete with hat outside of the suit, they’ve also thrown in a NASA patch and knitted logos on the sleeves. I’d say it’s a Christmas miracle but I’d say there’s nothing surprising about this sweater’s existence.

Photo by Rodion Kutsaev on Unsplash

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