About Reviews & Robots

What is Reviews & Robots?

Reviews & Robots is a blog dedicated to reviewing all things science fiction and fantasy. I review novels, novellas, novelettes, short stories – anything and everything that fits the speculative bill. I’ve also added graphic novels and comics from all genres into the mix.

In general, I tend toward space exploration, other worlds, badass characters, and anything with robots. It’s my goal to talk about the things I love instead of the things I don’t like.

Why science fiction and fantasy?

The future fascinates me. It always has and always will. I love to imagine distant worlds and times where we’re not limited to our small space, where adventure is possible. Imagining new technologies and species, seeing magical beings and forces at work — it all makes for amazing entertainment.

Who is Reviews & Robots?

Jacob A. Olson
Founder, Reviewer, Consumer of All Things SFF

Are you on social media?

Of course! Follow Reviews & Robots at the following links:

Do you review Advanced Reader Copies?

At this moment, I only review ARCs from NetGalley. Reviews of ARC copies are marked with a disclaimer. I’m here to provide my honest review of stories that I love, and if it’s not something I’m excited about, then it won’t be reviewed on the blog.

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