‘Where Gods Dance’ Short Review

Where Gods Dance paints the tragic picture of a father forever mourning the loss of his son as he attempts to recreate him using various pieces of his childhood. You can feel the sorrow buried in every word as the man desperately tries to hold on to the memories of his son. These created versions … Continue reading ‘Where Gods Dance’ Short Review

‘Cold Iron Comfort’ Short Review

Cold Iron Comfort is the story of a person entranced by a Fae who becomes abusive in their relationship until they finally escape. We see their journey as an abuse survivor, becoming more sure of themself as they find a friend and begins to believe they deserve a life without this evil being. Complications are … Continue reading ‘Cold Iron Comfort’ Short Review

‘The Crafter at the Web’s Heart’ Short Review

The Crafter at the Web's Heart is a powerful tale of magic and the collapse of a society that benefits the rich and forgets the poor. Our lead character is a rogue at heart who gets caught up in a plot to level-set the world and bring about massive change. There are two main strengths that … Continue reading ‘The Crafter at the Web’s Heart’ Short Review